Magazines and much much more

Magazines and much much more

So it's been a while since I had wrote a blog post so I thought I would finally take some time and let you know what I have been up to lately. I have been crazy busy to say the least and a lot of exciting projects have come and gone this last year.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

If you are not aware there is a little magazine out there called Advanced Photoshop Magazine that circulates worldwide and has some of the best Photoshop related content available. At the end of 2010 I was contacted to do a written interview for an upcoming feature in their magazine (issue 80), I was stoked! I was given very little detail about what the feature was going to be like, or how they were going to use the interview. The magazine was just released last week and I have a screenshot of my portfolio and a few quotes from my interview within the article alongside some other amazing designers. I feel super honored to be included in the magazine and alongside some very talented artists. I will take some photos of the actual magazine when it comes in (they run a month behind in the US). I'll also post up my full interview for them as well.

Town Wizard

Town Wizard

I have had the opportunity to work with a great group of guys that always seem to be working on something new. Their latest creation has taken local towns by storm, providing clients the ability to easily manage a website plus mobile app for their city. I was charged with the task of designing the new Town Wizard website. The site turned out awesome and they have seen a huge increase in clients since the site has launched. Oh, their feature in Entrepreneur Magazine probably helped a little to! Check them out at

Riff Mosaic

Riff Mosaic

A few of my colleagues from Creative State have created Riff Mosaic, a small business that creates interactive mosaics for fund-raising and band/artist/label promotions. Check out a mosaic we did for Taylor Swift to help promote her fearless album. Fans submitted their info and a photo and we included them in the online mosaic where they could search for their name to find their photo within the map. Along with the online mosaic we also had a poster printed of the final mosaic and it was included with the cd.

Fund-raising with Riff Mosaic is simple. The biggest advantage to this method of fund-raising is there is no start up cost! You create your goal and even decide how much you want to charge for each square, and then at the end of your campaign Riff takes a nominal percentage of the money raised.

For more information check out

The Family


Wow, how fast a year can fly by! This February my wife and I celebrated our daughters 1st birthday! She is getting cuter and cuter everyday and learning so much. Luckily for my sanity she agreed to my no dating until she is 30 rule.

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Magazines and much much more

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So it's been a while since I had wrote a blog post so I thought I would finally take some time and let you know what I have been up to lately. I have been crazy busy to say the least and a lot of exciting more

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